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Hi there, my name is Brady and I have been a cat owner every since I was a kid. My first cat-related memory involves my first cat named  named Nickels. My mom and I had gone to my grandmother’s house to give Nickels a safe place to stay while my family went on vacation. While we were on vacation, Nickels ran away from my grandmother’s house.

I was devastated. My mom, dad, and I searched all around my grandmother’s home. We drove the roads in all directions, called out in the woods, and set food on the front porch. After weeks of hoping I would see Nickels again and being disappointed when we couldn’t find her, a miracle happened.

She showed up on our front porch.

She was a little skinny, but she had the same collar, the same pattern, and would still let me hold her. Ever since Nickels walked 15 miles and somehow showed up on my doorstep, cats have been special to me. Nickels has passed on, but my home is now run by Trudy and Ebony.


cat laying on porch
Trudy spends most of her time lounging around and being the coolest cat on the block. She is laid back and loves to curl up in someone’s lap if they’re reading a good book. She is sweet, affectionate, and always enjoys being around people she knows well.
Ebony has other interests.


cat & dog
cat laying on dog
She likes to lay on top of the dog.
Ebony likes to be the center of attention in any room she walks in to. She loves being around people and nothing will make her happier than if you start dangling a string. She’s always in everyone’s business and always makes sure that she’s getting more attention than Trudy. Ebony is the (wannabe) queen of the household.

Since these two girls take such a big role in my life, I like to make sure that they are both happy and healthy. But in my mission to give my cats the good life, I kept running into an obstacle: it can be so hard to find good information about all sorts of cat-related problems!

My goal for this site is to provide you with accurate, relevant information about your cat so that you can give him or her a happy and healthy life

How This Site Works

All of the content on this site has been planned by me and I do most of my writing on my own. At the time I’m writing this, all of the writing has been done by me!

If I ever do get outside contribution, I always make sure to attribute the author and include a photo in their author box if the author doesn’t mind me doing so. All work on this site is edited by me, so you’ll always get a little of my voice.

I always try to get real expert opinions and cited studies in my work. When I’m reviewing articles, I like to get my hands on the products if it’s possible (but sometimes it’s not). When I can’t use the product myself, I get opinions from hundreds or thousands of real buyers to provide you with an accurate review.

Is This What's Best For My Cat?

cat in bed

Even when I can’t get my own hands on a product I’m reviewing, I have one overarching goal: I want to earn your trust.

To achieve this goal, I make sure to never recommend a product that I think would be harmful to your cat and I try to specify in my reviews which products would be best for your specific situation (for example: best for a thick coat).

I think that modern technology brings with it a lot of minor miracles. Our cats today have the opportunity to have healthy food that tastes good, to be transported in padded carriers, and to have toys that they love. I believe that our cats should be happy and healthy, so you’ll see a lot of my emphasis is on what products will give your cat a long, fun life with you.

So What's In This For You?

At KittyBest, I try and cater to a specific audience. Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to provide your cat with the health it deserves
  • You want your cat to have a lot of fun
  • You want to find good products based off of real user feedback, not commercial sales pages or biased reviews
  • You want to keep your cat safe while making sure it is comfortable and happy

If you’re on board with us, feel free to reach out to me and let me know what kind or articles you’re looking for. I love to hear from readers.

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