Best Cat Food For Constipation: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Constipation can be uncomfortable and painful for your cat. It can be a recurring problem, but can almost always be solved by changes in diet. Today we’re going to be looking at the best cat food for constipation and we’re breaking down our options to look at what may be best for your specific situation.

Let’s get started with our best overall.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks…



Overall Best Cat Food For Constipation

Purina Pro Plan Savor

Purina’s Pro Plan Savor is our favorite overall pick. It helps your cat deal with his or her constipation and provides all of the nutrients your cat will need for a healthy life and balanced diet.

purina pro plan savor

Purina’s cat food will help your cat deal with constipation by providing probiotics that support digestive health. These probiotics make sure that digested food moves along the digestive track and gets eliminated. This cat food helps your kitty to get rid of his or her poop so that it doesn’t build up and cause constipation.

This cat food also has prebiotic fiber that helps everything move along. The fiber gives your cat the ability to push out his or her poop before it gets hard and backed up.

Alongside constipation stopping, this cat food packs a lot of proteins and fats. Fats sound bad, but your kitty’s natural meat eater lifestyle makes fats a perfect fit for your kitty. It’s the carbs that you’ll have to watch out for. The extra helpings of protein makes this cat food a good fit for kitties of all activity levels. It helps active cats stay strong and have energy. It helps lazy cats avoid weight gain.

Purina’s food comes with a bunch of proteins, but it includes lots of vitamins and minerals as well. You’ll find Vitamin A, several different types of Vitamins B, Vitamins C and D. This cat food has a ton of minerals and antioxidants. Purina states that with this food, they want to help give your cat a strong immune system and a good coat health as well.

You won’t need to find extra supplements to help with your kitty’s diet.

The possible downside to this food is that it may not be the best option if your cat has extreme constipation or if your cat is vomiting as well. If those problems are linked, there are better options (so read on). But for 90% of cases, this food will be great for your kitty.

What We Like

  • Prevents constipation by helping digestion
  • Helps your cat move food to his or her GI tract
  • Healthy diet through lots of proteins and fats
  • Promotes a strong immune system and long life through loads of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Helps with skin and coat health
  • Reasonable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best for extreme constipation problems or if your cat is vomiting as well

The Purina Pro Plan Savor is a great overall option. It sells at a reasonable price, includes probiotics to help your kitty’s constipation, and has a slew of nutrients for a balanced diet.

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Best Cat Food For Extreme Constipation Or Diarrhea

Royal Canin Response

Royal Canin’s cat food is our overall favorite pick if your cat is going through extreme constipation. This cat food also works on diarrhea and provides your cat with the nutrients that he or she will need.

royal canin cat food

Royal Canin’s cat food helps your cat handle his or her constipation by using probiotics and special dietary fibers, so it hits constipation from both ends. Probiotics make sure that food moves along the digestive track and dietary fibers make sure that the waste is eliminated with ease. Royal Canin also includes proteins that make digestion easier for your kitty.

This cat food will also go a long way towards helping your cat have a health immune system, organ health, skin, and fur. It is loaded with antioxidants, omegas, vitamins, and minerals. This cat food is high in protein so it’s a good fit for overweight and active cats. It packs a lot, but this cat food is pretty pricey per pound.

Since this food includes probiotics, dietary fibers, and lots of proteins, it’s a good pick for cats who have diarrhea as well. This food helps your cat get to pooping normal, whatever his or her extreme may be.

What We Like

  • Prevents constipation by helping digestion
  • Also stops constipation by use of powerful probiotics
  • Improve your cats digestive health with unique proteins
  • Lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids (they are better than they sound)
  • Good for overweight or active cats

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the most budget loving option

Royal Canin’s food goes a long way towards stopping constipation and diarrhea to get your cat’s gut health back to normal. It’s our favorite pick if nothing else has worked or if your cat has some serious problems.

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Best Cat Food For Constipation And Vomiting

Royal Canin Digestive Care

Royal Canin’s digestive care food is our favorite if your cat is suffering from constipation and vomiting. This food attacks the problem from 2 directions and helps your cat get over his or her hardship.

royal canin digestive care

Royal Canin makes the list again because their digestive care line attacks more than just constipation in your kitty. This food also takes care of vomiting by way of probiotics and a special blend of dietary fibers. This potent mix of probiotics and fiber helps your kitty to digest his or her food easier and pass it through the digestive track.

This food is has lots of proteins – the calorie source that your cat digests best. It has about 50% carbs though. That’s not a huge number and lower than most cat foods, but it’s pretty high for the foods on this list. High carbs can make your cat prone to weight gain. It’s not a deal breaker since in the overall scheme of cat food, 50% isn’t bad. But it’s worth being aware of.

Your cat will also get a balanced diet through lots of vitamins and minerals. This food helps your cat have and maintain a good coat, a strong immune system, and overall organ health.

Royal Canin takes special measures to prevent regurgitation with cats who tend to eat a little food fast. This cat food has a ring shape designed to slow your speedy kitty down while he or she is eating. His or her extra time spent eating helps the digestive system get through all the food that’s being shoved at it. It’s a great feature to prevent regurgitation vomiting.

What We Like

  • Prevents constipation by probiotics
  • Improves overall digestive health through fibers
  • Easy to digest food makes this a great option for cats who are also vomiting
  • High in protein
  • Ring shaped kibble helps your cat to avoid regurgitation

What We Don’t Like

  • Not super budget conscious, but not too bad
  • More carbs than some options on our list

Royal Canin’s digestive care mix is our favorite option if your cat is struggling with constipation and vomiting. This food helps your cat expel his or her food easier and prevents regurtitation.

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Best Probiotic For Constipation

Pet Ultimates Probiotic

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a food that your cat could eat as a whole diet plan. This is more of a supplement, but it’s so powerful that we couldn’t leave it out.

pet ultimates probiotic for cats

The Pet Ultimates probiotics helps with constipation by equipping your cat with what he or she needs to have a healthy digestive system. The colonies in this probiotic make bowel movements easier and more frequent for your kitty. This helps your cat get his or her food out of the digestive track so that it doesn’t get all backed up.

This probiotic isn’t a food and doesn’t include proteins, carbs, or fats. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t help your cat live happier and healthier. In addition to stopping constipation, this formula helps cats with diarrhea, vomiting, and smelly poop. Your kitty’s overall digestive health will take a big climb after eating this.

The probiotic also assists your cat with healthy skin, a shinier coat, and reduction of allergies. Pet Ultimates protects your cat from inflammations, infections, and helps your kitty’s organs stay healthy.

Pet Ultimates offers a dual guarantee on their product: if you haven’t noticed a positive change in your cat within 14 days, they will give you a full refund and you don’t have to send the product back. They also include a 90 guarantee where you will send back the unused portion. This is a company that’s confident in their product.

What We Like

  • Stops constipation by complete digestive system health
  • Also works with diarrhea, vomiting, and smelly poop
  • Helps your cat have healthy skin and a shinier coat
  • Protects against allergies, inflammations, infections, and organ disease
  • Double guarantee on their product – if you don’t see a big change in your cat within 14 days, they refund you and you keep the product

What We Don’t Like

  • Not an actual cat food – will need to be used in conjunction with another food

Pet Ultimates has created a probiotic that ranks high on our list of favorite products. It will have to be used with another food, but can help with almost any digestive problem your cat will ever face (and a lot of other things as well).

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Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Best Budget Cat Food For Constipation

Purina Pro Plan Focus

Purina’s Focus brand is our favorite budget pick because it sells at a great price without losing much on the value side. It’s a great pick for budget shoppers.

purina pro plan focus

Purina Focus helps your kitty’s constipation by giving your cat an extra boost of probiotics. These probiotics help with overall gut health and make sure that your kitty is able to pass his or her poop on a regular basis without any trouble. Purina also includes foods such as rice and oat meal that are easy on your kitty’s digestive system.

A downside here is that due to the rice and oat meal, your kitty will be taking in a lot of carbs. Carbs aren’t great for your kitty’s digestion in general and too many can promote weight gain. That said, there are tons of happy and healthy cats who eat lots of carbs, so it’s not a make or break thing.

In addition to probiotics to help with digestive health, this cat food has a lot of antioxidants to help your kitty’s immune system stay strong. Your kitty will get lots of minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids to help with his or her skin, coat, and overall organ health.

One disadvantage to the budget buy is that even though this cat food costs less in absolute terms, the cost per pound is a bit higher than with other foods. If you can afford it, it’s best to go with more pounds in one bag unless you’re trying a new food or just can’t make the ends meet.

This is a good pick if you need to feed your kitty and to save money too.

What We Like

  • Great buy for budget shoppers
  • Prevents diarrhea by giving probiotics to your kitty
  • Easy to digest food makes this a great option for cats who are also vomiting
  • Helps your kitties immune system
  • Aids in skin, coat, and overall organ health with vitamins and minerals

What We Don’t Like

  • High in carbs
  • Higher cost per pound than other food

Purina Focus is our favorite option if you have to save the maximum amount of dollars with your cat food for constipation. This cat food doesn’t miss out on too much while coming in at a lower price than competitors.

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Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Things To Know Before You Buy

Your Guide To Your Kitty’s Nutrition

When buying cat food, one of the great hold ups is when we know our cat needs something, we just don’t know what. It seems like all companies are hailing their brand new, record breaking, earth shattering formula. “This is what your cat needs to be healthy!” they say.

But how do we really know?

Cat nutrition isn’t too difficult to understand once we take a look at it. You don’t need to be a certified vet to get a good grasp on what’s best for your cat. You just need to remember a single fact:

Cats are carnivores.

Being a carnivore means that cats can get all of their nutrition from meat. They don’t need peas and carrots, won’t appreciate collards on New Years, and can even go without avocado-laced superfoods.

Here’s why that’s important. All calories come from 3 sources: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Humans need all 3 to have a balanced diet. Cats get by on just fats and proteins. Fats and proteins are all that some cats eat since meats often do not contain carbs.

A lot of modern cat food doesn’t follow a cat’s natural diet and preferences though. Many cat foods include carbohydrates since carbs are an easier and less expensive way to give your cat some extra nutrients. This isn’t a problem since carbs aren’t usually bad for cats.

The only time that carbs are bad for cats is when carbs don’t allow your cat to eat enough proteins. Not enough proteins and too many carbs can lead to overweight cats, lazy cats, and even diabetes. Being overweight for a cat is much like being overweight for a human: mortality and chronic problems rise across the board.

This isn’t to tell you to make sure your cat doesn’t get carbs. This is to say that you’ll want to make sure your cats get a high amount of protein. All the items we’ve reviewed above cover this requirement, but some do it better than others. High amounts of protein help your cat to stay trim and energetic. Protein has a higher chance of giving your cat all the nutrients he or she needs.

When it comes down to it, just remember: cats are carnivores. You don’t have to feed him or her like a carnivore. But you can’t go wrong if you do.

Cat Food Or A Probiotic?

Solving your kitty’s stomach issues is a big deal and it’s easy to look at all the possible solutions and get overwhelmed. In particular, should your cat get a probiotic or an actual cat food? What’s the difference?

First off, probiotics are a supplement. They aren’t a food and have few if any calories that your pet needs to survive. Probiotic supplements work by adding nutrients to your kitty’s meal. These probiotics can add extra vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and add good bacteria to your cat’s stomach. Good bacteria helps keep everything in balance and helps your kitty digest his or her meals.

Cat food can be used without probiotics, but probiotics can’t be used without cat food. Probiotics are a good choice if you think that your cat isn’t getting all that he or she needs from regular cat food. Maybe you think your cat’s coat could be more shiny or see that your cat is still having some minor stomach problems. Think of probiotics like a multivitamin: a probiotic can be a good addition to your cat’s diet, but often isn’t necessary.

We recommend that any owner’s first step be to change the cat food before going on a probiotic. Many owners may find that a cat food for sensitive stomachs is enough on its own and you won’t have to go to the extra expense of getting a probiotic.

If you’ve tried a food change and no luck yet, then we suggest going with special cat food like we’ve recommended above and a probiotic supplement. Either way, it’s best to get probiotics when other solutions haven’t worked or if you think your cat still needs a little help. Many cat foods already have a small amount of probiotics in them, so only go with a supplement if nothing else has worked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my cat doesn’t like his or her new food?

Cats can be picky eaters and it’s not guaranteed that yours will fall in love with his or her new meal.

Have no fear. The same skill that made the steam engine can help your cat change his or her diet: we just need a little creativity.

If your cat isn’t loving the new meals you’re putting on the bowl, you can try to change your kitty’s diet a bite at a time. First, start with something like 90% of the original food and 10% of the new. Over the course of a few weeks, change that percentage at a rate your cat will eat. Go to 75% original and 25% new, then 50% and 50%, then 25% original and 75% new, all the way until you’ve made the full change.

Cats, like people, enjoy the feeling that they are having a bit of input in a decision. As long as you’re making the change gradual for your special guy or gal, he or she won’t mind it too much over the long run. Just give a little extra affection and be patient. Good things come to those who wait (and our cats are worth waiting for).

Can I feed this to my kitten?

You can, but it’s best to buy a kitten specific food. As cats grow older, their dietary needs change. These changes are never so pronounced as they are during the first year of life.

What are the benefits of grain free?

As we discussed in the Things To Know Before You Buy section, carbs aren’t always the best option for your cat. Grains can sometimes be hard to digest and having a cat food without them can go even further to prevent vomiting.

Best Brands


Purina started all the way back in 1894 when Willam Danforth began feeding farm animals. Since then, they have expanded to take care of all our home pets. Purina strives to lead the charge in helping animals of all shapes and sizes live their happiest and healthiest lives. They back their products with the top notch in scientific research so that your cat can be healthy.

Royal Canin

Jean Cathery was born in the French town of Puy-en-Velay. When he began working as a vet for horses and bulls, he started to believe that the food we fed animals could impact their health. Royal Canin was born when Jean decided that he would take a stand. He would provide cats and dogs with the nutrition they needed.

Hill’s Science Diet

As you could guess by the name, Hill’s Science Diet wants to be a leader in the field of science. Since the 1930s, Hill’s Science Diet has been led by the mission of enriching the relationship between people and animals. They think that when we give our cats good nutrition, we give our cats a better life. Hill’s wants to provide that life for your cat.


Thanks for reading our guide on best cat food for constipation! When it comes down to it, the best cat food for your kitty will be the one that suits his or her unique needs best.

First, ask yourself if the problem is just isolated to constipation. Is your kitty vomiting too? Does he or she sometimes have diarrhea instead? Does he or she have problems with his or her coat, hair, skin? If you said yes to any of those questions, your cat’s food needs will vary.

You should also think about whether your kitty is active or lazy. For active kitties, you’ll want a lot of protein in his or her diet to fuel strong muscles. For lazy cats, avoiding carbs may be best if you don’t want your kitty to gain weight.

Last, take a look at the other benefits of your cat food. Some foods offer special blends of vitamins and minerals to promote overall health. Other foods are a little bit more lax.

If we could recommend a single product, the Purina Pro Plan Savor is our favorite since it prevents constipation and sells at a great price.

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