Best Cat Food For Healthy Coats: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Are you looking for a cat with a shinier, healthier coat? Does your cat have any kind of skin problems that need to be addressed?

Here we discuss the best cat food for healthy coats.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks…



Overall Best Cat Food For Healthy Coats

Avoderm Healthy Skin & Coat

Avoderm is our overall favorite cat food for healthy coats. It helps your cat’s coat shine and still sells at a very reasonable price.

Avoderm helps your cat’s coat and skin by providing an optimal dose of omega fatty acids. These omegas are a lot better than they sound 😉 Omega Fatty Acids 3 & 6 help promote skin and fur health, so you can trust that your cat will be looking shiny soon. This cat food also includes avocados; most people don’t know it, but avocados are as healthy for cats as they are for humans. Avocados are known for providing your kitty with nutrients for skin and coat health.

We also like that this cat food is a good pick for cats with allergies. It doesn’t pack ingredients such as wheat, corn, or soy. While this food doesn’t exclude every possible allergen, it excludes the most common ones. If your cat struggles with allergies, check out our list of best cat food for allergies and best cat food for skin allergies.

This cat food does fine with proteins, but there could be more. Avoderm has 32% protein and that’s pretty good. Plenty of other cat foods are lower, but we like to see protein a little bit higher if we can find it. Either way, 32% will be plenty to keep your cat fit, healthy, and active.

Avoderm also boosts your cat’s immune system by providing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep your cat happy and healthy.

To top it all off, Avoderm sells at a very reasonable price.

Things We Like

  • Creates shiny coat and healthy skin with omega fatty acids (they’re better than they sound)
  • Good pick for cats with allergies due to lack of wheat, corn, or soy
  • Boosts your cat’s immune system with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • Very reasonable price

Things We Don’t

  • Protein is fine, but it could be a bit higher

This is our overall favorite cat food for healthy coats. It gives your cat everything he or she needs to shine while still protecting your wallet.

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Best Wet Cat Food For Healthy Coats

Royal Canin Intense Beauty

Royal Canin has our favorite wet food for keeping your cat’s coat and skin healthy and looking great.


Royal Canin’s formula packs in omega fatty acids (these are a lot better than they sound). Omegas work to keep your cat’s skin healthy and keep your cat’s coat strong and sheek. Omega fatty acids accomplish this by providing your cat with the materials that he or she needs to prevent skin rashes and grow strong hair. This is a good pick if you want a wet food for a shinier coat or if your cat has any kind of skin condition.

We like wet foods because they help cats stay hydrated. Cats aren’t great about drinking enough water and wet foods provide fun, easy ways for them to get enough liquids. In general, cats like the taste of wet foods better than dry foods so it’s a win all around.

Royal Canin has a pretty decent amount of protein, but they’ve got a few carbs in their formula as well. This might not be the best pick for inactive cats as they could gain a few pounds. No need to worry about active kitties though.

One thing we like about this food is that owners rave about how much their cats enjoy the taste. While this isn’t the least expensive option, it sells at a pretty reasonable price.

Things We Like

  • Great pick for coat and skin health
  • Wet foods help cats stay hydrated and enjoy meal time
  • Helps with any kind of skin problem
  • Majority of owners say their cat loves the taste

Things We Don’t

  • Not a great pick for inactive cats

Royal Canin has our favorite cat food if you want a wet food for healthier skin and a smooth, shiny coat for your cat.

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Best Cat Food For Severe Coat Or Skin Problems (And Best For Shedding)

Royal Canin Hair And Skin Care

Royal Canin’s Hair and Skin Care food is our favorite pick if your cat suffers from severe skin or fur problems. This food helps fix him or her up and rid of bad shedding.

royal canin hair and skin

Royal Canin works against shedding by placing a special emphasis on your kitty’s skin and fur health. This food packs in the nutrients that target your cat’s skin and fur so that he or she can retain as much hair as possible and stop leaving it all over the house. The nutrients in this food work for all sorts of skin or fur problems, including dandruff and dry, cracked skin.

Royal Canin’s emphasis on this food is coat health, so you’ll be getting more than a formula that just stops bad shedding. Royal Canin’s food makes your cat’s coat look healthier too. In one of their own studies, they found that cats had a significant and noticeable coat shine after 21 days of eating exclusive Royal Canin.

This food is good news if your cat has allergies, skin problems, or cleans his or her fur to the point that there are bald spots. This food fights allergic reactions and gets rid of itchy sensations for your kitty. His or her scratching or self licking will decrease and allow fur to regrow in bald patches.

You can also expect a lion’s share of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omegas in this food. But due to the cost, this food is best bought when your cat is in severe need or other things just aren’t working. It’s not a bad idea to mix some of the Royal Canin with your cat’s regular food to see if that stops the problem. Up the dose until the allergies, obsessive licking, or bald spots go away.

What We Like

  • Super healthy skin and increased skin repair
  • Strong, shiny coat that doesn’t shed
  • Fixes allergic reactions on the skin, obsessive self licking, or bald patches
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Tons of vitamins, minerals, and omegas
  • Great if other options just haven’t worked

What We Don’t Like

  • Works fine as regular food, but a bit pricey
  • May be best used in cases when nothing else has worked

Royal Canin’s cat food is our favorite if your cat is really struggling with coat or fur problems. This food places special emphasis on skin and hair health. It stops bad shedding, repairs the skin, and puts an end to a huge portion of skin or fur related problems.

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Best Cat Food For Healthy Coats & Digestive Problems

Purina Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina has our favorite pick if you want a shiny coat for your cat but he or she also struggles with stomach issues.

Purina’s food helps your cat have healthy skin and fur by providing your cat with plenty omega-6 fatty acids. As we’ve already discussed, these are great nutrients for your cat’s coat and will help him or her stay healthy, look great. This food also includes plenty of Vitamin A and zinc, both of which contribute to keeping your cat’s coat shining and healthy.

We also like that this food works against stomach problems. Purina helps support your kitty’s digestive health by tossing in easy-to-digest foods and prebiotics to aid in your kitty’s digestive system health. These foods and prebiotics will help your cat eliminate any diarrhea or vomiting, but won’t help much with hairballs. For that, check out the best cat foods for hairballs.

One thing we like a lot is the amount of protein in this cat food. It has 40% protein, which is quite a bit. That’s plenty enough to keep your active cat strong and help your overweight cat shed a few pounds.

One thing we don’t love is that this food is a little pricey.

Things We Like

  • Helps your cat’s skin and coat health with omega-6, Vitamin A, and zinc
  • Helps diarrhea and vomiting with easy-to-digest food and prebiotics
  • Great pick for active or overweight cats due to high protein

Things We Don’t

  • A little pricey, but not too bad

This is our favorite food if you want your cat to have a healthier coat and solve some digestive problems.

Check Price and Reviews on Chewy

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Best Budget Cat Food For Healthy Coats (And Best For Hairballs)

Purina Indoor Advantage

Purina has our favorite cat food for healthy coats if you’re doing some budget shopping. This food covers your bases while being pretty kind to your wallet.

Purina’s indoor advantage food is made for indoor cats. It adds omega-6 to help your cat maintain healthy skin and a smooth, shiny coat. There isn’t extra Vitamin A , zinc, or omega-3s, so this food doesn’t quite do the job like the other foods on this list.

Purina’s formula helps to stop hairballs by providing your cat with plenty of dietary fiber. These fibers help your cat digest hair better so that it comes out in stool instead of by regurgitation. This is a lot more comfortable for your kitty and a lot cleaner for you.

We like that this food comes with a whopping 38% protein. Most budget foods are very low in their protein content (and thus, not good options for your kitty). But this food is an exception. The high protein makes this a good pick for active or overweight cats.

And then last of all, this food sells for an awesome price. It’s very reasonable at its current price point.

Things We Like

  • Great pick for budget shoppers
  • Aids skin and coat health with omega-6
  • Helps end hairballs by giving your cat extra dietary fibers
  • Good pick for overweight or very active cats

Things We Don’t

  • Doesn’t help with skin or coat health as much as other options in our list. If your cat’s problems are severe, we recommend going with another option above

This is our favorite cat food for coat health if you’re a budget shopper. It doesn’t help a lot with extreme coat or skin problems, but it helps solve minor problems and give your cat’s coat a shine.

Check Price and Reviews on Chewy

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Things To Know Before You Buy…

What Should I Look For In The Best Cat Food For Skin & Coat?

There are so many options, which one do I choose?

No worries. We’ve got you covered. Here are a few things to consider when buying your cat food:


We’ll cover this one first since it’s so important. To judge prices, we like to look at the price per pound or per serving instead of the total dollar cost. On dry foods, we use dollar/pound. Wet foods are dollar/serving.

We like to see foods in the $1.50-$2 per pound or per serving range. These foods are often plenty good enough for your kitty and will provide him or her with whatever nutrients are necessary.

We like this range because it seems like below that cost (say $1 per pound or serving), you start to see a drop in quality. It’s not enormous, but budget foods often contain less protein, taste worse, or are less effective. That’s not always the case and there are exceptions, but that’s the general trend.

Foods above the $2 per pound or serving point are often specialized or prescription based. These are the kinds of foods you might try for severe skin allergies.

In general, wet foods cost more than dry foods. They are often better and more enjoyable for your kitty, but be prepared to spend a few more dollars.

All of the food options we listed above fall into a pretty good price range at time of writing. We included one budget exception that hits most of the bases 🙂

What Does The Food Do?

It’s important to look at what the food does before buying. The good news for us is that this doesn’t take a lot of research. Most cat foods have pretty clear explanations of what they do on the front of the bag or box.

Plenty of cat foods are very specific that they are a cat food for skin and coat. We would start by considering these foods first.

There are also several great cat foods that might say something like “Indoor Cat” or “Sensitive Skin”. These are also good picks for your cat’s skin and coat.

We recommend taking a look at the ingredients to determine which cat food has the most of what you need.

Ingredients That Create Healthy Coat & Skin

Cat foods have lots of different ingredients and it can be hard to know which ones are helping your cat’s coat and skin health. Some of these have scary names, but might be the best thing your cat can consume for his or her fur.

Here are a few of the most helpful ingredients for creating a smooth, shiny coat:

  • Omega fatty acids: Omega fatty acids 3 and 6 have an enormous array of health benefits for you and for your kitty. (but no, that doesn’t mean you should start eating your cat food). Omega-3 helps vision, skin, and brain health among other things. Omega-6 helps your body lower risk for a variety of different illnesses, including illnesses in the skin. These two ingredients work together to give your cat healthy skin and sleek hair.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps with plenty of things, but the most important for our purposes are that zinc helps with wound healing. Cat foods with zinc are good choices if your kitty tends to pick at wounds in his or her skin. This mineral will help your cat heal up and get over any sort of recurring problem.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A has several health benefits. Most notable for us is that it protects the body against several types of diseases. Foods with Vitamin A will help your cat fight against any kind of skin disease that might be causing a less-than-perfect coat.

Cat foods for healthy coats will include plenty of at least one of these nutrients. Many cat foods include all of these ingredients to some extent.

The most beneficial of these 3 nutrients for your cat’s coat will be omega fatty acids. They sound scary, but are essential in helping your cat grow a healthy coat and regulate shedding.

Zinc and Vitamin A work together to help your cat fight off any skin diseases or wounds. Your cat might be licking these wounds and causing bald spots and that might be the source of all your problems. Zinc and Vitamin A help close that up and ensure that your kitty is fighting off disease, healing well, and growing a healthy coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Deal With Shedding?

Shedding can be caused by a variety of things and there is a difference between good or bad shedding. Bad shedding is when your cat is licking itself to the point of bald spots, when hair is falling out in patches, or when you can see that the skin is irritated.

If you see any of these types of shedding, we recommend trying a cat food for shedding. If the problem persists, it’s time to give the vet a ring.

If you think your cat is shedding more than he or she should be, try brushing your cat. Some say to brush once a day, others once a week depending on how long your cat’s hair is. We recommend brushing until you feel that your cat’s shedding is under control.

My Cat Has A Skin Problem. What Do I Do?

The first step is to identify what kind of skin problem you’re dealing with. Is it a scratch that your cat has licked the hair off of? Is it a rash that he or she keeps picking at?

The first step is to check with the vet if it’s anything more than a small wound. If the problem is a small wound we recommend starting with your cat’s nutrition. Make sure that his or her food is providing your cat with Vitamin A and zinc to take care of the problem. Be sure to clean and bandage the wound if possible.

If the rash or wound persists, you will for sure need to stop by the doc’s office. Your vet can figure out a way to help your cat heal up and be whole again.

What Should I Do If My Cat Has Dandruff?

Nutrition is the best place to begin. All of the foods we listed above should help your cat fight dandruff.

If the problem persists, try asking your vet for his or her recommendation for your cat.


Our overall favorite cat food for healthy coats is Avoderm Healthy Skin & Coat. It does a great job of providing your cat with all the nutrients he or she will need for healthy fur while still selling at a reasonable price.

Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments: what problem are you trying to fix for your cat?

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