Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

One thing we all love about cats besides their adorable looks is that they keep themselves clean despite the fact that they have an inherent dislike for water. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same about their litter box. It gets smelly quickly, and for the most part, that’s just how it is; it’s perfectly normal.

However, if your cat’s poop starts smelling a little more than normal, there could be some issues with their diet. Thankfully, there are cat foods specially made to alleviate this problem. They’re also very healthy and nutritious.

I’ve listed some of the best cat food for smelly poop, including some tips on what to look out for when you go shopping for your beloved cat’s food.


In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks…


Best Overall Cat Food For Smelly Poop

Rachel Ray’s Nutrish

This cat food comes in two delicious variants: real salmon & brown rice, or real chicken & brown rice. Depending on how much your cat normally eats, you can buy this item in three sizes: 3, 6, and 14 pounds.

Rachey Ray’s Nutrish comes packed with a whole lot of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. They also contain Taurine, which is extremely healthy for your cat inside and out.

This cat food doesn’t contain any fillers, soy, wheat, artificial color, poultry by-products, or flavoring. The first ingredient is salmon or chicken, and both of them are delicious to win over even the fussiest eaters. The kibble is also tiny with crunchy bits which your cat will enjoy eating.

What I particularly love about this Nutrish is that it has a very healthy formula, real protein, and contains numerous minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Not only will it resolve the issue of smelly poop, but it’ll also provide your cat with all the nutrition they need.

Things We Liked

  • Zero fillers or by-products
  • Easy for cats to digest
  • Very healthy and protein-rich formula

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Slightly greasy

This is our overall favorite cat food for smelly poop. It gets rid of the problem while being offered at a budget price.

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Best Wet Cat Food For Picky Eaters With Smelly Poop

Weruva (Cats In The Kitchen)

This product from Weruva is available in 11 different flavors ranging from salmon and chicken to lamb and mackerel along with various sizes from 3.2 ounces to 10 ounces. Even the pickiest cat will find something it loves!


Not only does it reduce smelly poop, but with the huge range of flavors available, you’ll certainly find a pick for your cat’s taste buds.

Weruva features tiny bits of high-quality meat like tuna, salmon, lamb, and chicken produced with the highest standards to ensure quality mixed with juicy gravy to keep it tasty and soft. This tasty wet cat food is packed with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins to balance out your cat’s meal. It’s also free from gluten, soy, corn, grain or GMOs.

If you’re not bothered by the strong smell, this is a good choice for pet owners to provide healthy food to their cats.

Things We Liked

  • 11 different flavors
  • Healthy protein mixed with juice
  • Contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Strong smell
  • Might be strong for cats that have a sensitive stomach

Overall, this is our favorite pick if your cat has a tough time finding a food that he or she likes. This cat food is wet and has a ton of flavors, so there’s something that any cat can fall in love with.

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Best Grain Free Cat Food For Smelly Poop

Whole Earth Farms (Grain-Free Cat Food)

You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to provide nutritious food and prevent smelly poop. This product from Whole Earth Farms is super healthy yet so affordable.

It features premium and well-sourced proteins like chicken meal, turkey meal, and duck with salmon oil and chicken fat to provide a healthy dose of fatty acids.

Additionally, it comes with chelated minerals so that your cat will have optimal nutrient absorption along with dried fermentation products that provide probiotic support.

All their products are made in the USA with very high standards so you don’t have to worry about its quality and potency.

Whole Earth Farms cat food is a solid choice for pet owners who are looking for food that’s packed with all the premium proteins and nutrients. It’s an excellent source of natural food for your feline friend.

Things We Liked

  • Contains chelated minerals and proteins
  • Very rich essential fatty-acids
  • Premium animal proteins

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Contains pea protein

This is our favorite cat food if you’re wanting a lot of varieties of flavor while not carrying a big price tag.

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Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Best High Protein Cat Food For Smelly Poop

Ziwi Peak (Grain-free Cat Food)

If you’re looking for wet cat food that contains premium ingredients and is easily digested, this product from Ziwi Peak could be your new favorite. It’s a good choice if your cat has any bladder issues. Also, it’s highly absorbent, so your cat should have no problems digesting it.

The main highlight of this product is the New Zealand lamb used as the chief source of protein. It’s free from fillers, by-products, and additives. It’s made up of 93% meat, New Zealand mussels, and organs to further decrease the chances of smelly poop while increasing your cat’s digestion.

This cat food from Ziwi Peak also contains a lot of essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin and also possesses ingredients targeted at reducing the risk of allergies.

This wonderful product from Ziwi Peak is an excellent choice for any pet owner as it contains a lot of premium ingredients that do wonder. If you don’t mind the price tag, you should certainly consider it.

Things We Liked

  • Contains 93%meat, New Zealand mussels, and organs.
  • Reduces allergy risk
  • Rich in fatty acids

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No probiotic supplements
  • Expensive

This is our favorite cat food if your cat needs a high protein diet. It’s a good pick for super active cats or cats who could stand to lose a pound or two.

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Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop And Hairballs

Royal Canin (Health Indoor)

This product from Royal Canin doesn’t only help reduce smelly poop but also targets many issues that cats commonly face like hairball control, dental problems, and unpleasant odors. It also contains tiny kibbles so your cat will have no issues eating and digesting.

Royal Canin maintains a moderate calorie level to ensure that your cat doesn’t gain weight over time.

This product will give your cat the best balance of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fruits, and vegetables to promote their overall health. In comparison to their competitors, this item from Royal Canin has a slightly higher level of fiber that’ll help your cat regulate their digestive system prevent their feces from having a heavy odor.

If gluten and cornmeal are a major turn off, you can search for other products.

What We Liked

  • Small kibbles to help your cat eat
  • High fiber count
  • Contains carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Contains cornmeal and gluten
  • No meaty bits

This is our favorite food if your cat struggles with smelly poop and sensitive stomach issues like hairballs.

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Best Organic Cat Food For Smelly Poop

Castor & Pollux (Organix Dry Cat Food)

You cat will definitely enjoy this cat food as it comes in two varieties: sweet potato and grain-free chicken and brown rice and chicken blend for great taste. It also contains coconut oil, cranberries, organic flaxseed, and real meat as the first ingredient.

You might also like to know that these products are cooked in a certified organic kitchen.

This dry cat food from Castor & Pollux contains no chemical preservatives and additives and is free from antibiotics, artificial preservatives, or added growth hormones. All these high-quality ingredients make this item healthy and nutritious and also reduces bad odor.

It comes packed with ingredients that’ll give your cat the needed healthy dose. However, the price tag and chances of loose stool may be an issue sometimes.

What We Liked

  • No additives, antibiotics, or preservatives.
  • Cooked in an organically certified kitchen
  • Organic ingredients

What We Didn’t Like

  • May cause loose stools
  • More expensive

Overall, this is our favorite cat food if you want your cat to have a 100% organic food.

Check Price and Reviews on Chewy

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Best Budget Cat Food For Smelly Poop

Purina One (Tender Selects Blend)

This product from Purina One is packed with high-quality meat from real protein sources like salmon & chicken and is available in varying sizes so that you can modify it according to your cat’s preferences.

It contains a mixture of crunchy kibble and tasty meaty bits that’ll provide your cat with variety and keep them interested in eating during meal time.

Purina One is free from fillers, artificial preservatives, and artificial coloring to provide the best health options for your cat. It also contains vegetable and food essences with the dry kibble formula.

The company claims that it’s produced with very high standards and is manufactured in the United States with locally sourced ingredients.

We love this product because it’s formulated with healthy ingredients and mixed with meaty and crunchy bits for a delicious treat. It’s also made with high-quality salmon and chicken which is going to provide your cat with all the necessary proteins.

Purina One is a very interesting choice for pet owners who want to provide their cats with food, that’s not just rich in protein but also very tasty. It comes in numerous sizes so you can try out the smaller ones first if you aren’t so sure.

Things We Liked

  • Meat bits and crunchy kibbles
  • Variety of sizes and flavors
  • Contains fruits and vegetables
  • High-quality protein

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Low fiber content
  • Meaty bits may dry out and harden

This is our favorite cat food if you’re on a budget. It isn’t quite as powerful as some of the others, but it should fix the problem and help your wallet too.

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Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Things To Know Before You Buy…

If you’re confused about which cat food to go, here are some great tips to help you find the best cat food for smelly poop.

Things to Look Out For When Choosing Cat Food

Your cat’s poop is always going to smell, but if it’s particularly strong, this may indicate that your cat’s food may be hard to digest, or the ingredients may not be suitable for its digestive system.

Check out these factors before buying your cat’s food.

Animal ingredients

Cats are carnivores in nature, and as a result, they’ll be able to digest animal products more than plant products. A diet filled with plant products may cause smelly poop.

Remember that these carnivores creatures require their daily dose of high-quality meat.


Food allergy is one of the most common reasons for smelly poop. To reduce this, choose cat food that’s not filled with overwhelming ingredients or one that has a novel source of protein.

Pay special attention to your cat’s diet, every cat is allergic to different ingredients.

Just because a diet worked for one cat doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours. Just like humans, every cat is unique so make sure you observe your cat’s reaction to any new food.

No Fillers or Additives

Always look for products that have zero additives or fillers. Cheap and substandard fillers like wheat and corn are known to cause smelly poop habitually. Thickening and artificial additives like guar gum and agar-agar can also lead to bad odor.

A high-quality premium cat food should be devoid of these ingredients.


If your cat is having difficulty digesting its food, then smelly poop will probably be an issue. To increase digestibility, look for cat foods that contain protein from animal sources and low-level carbohydrate fats.

Steering clear of these ingredients should help you regulate smelly odor and promote your cat’s health. Almost every premium brand caters pet products that are devoid of these ingredients and contain high-quality, healthy ingredients. You shouldn’t have trouble finding one for your cat.


1. Which ingredients are important to reduce smelly poop?

Look for a cat food high on animal-based ingredients and fat with fewer carbohydrates.

Also, avoid fillers, soy, grain, wheat or anything artificial. Not only can they aggravate smelly poop but they can also be irritable substances for most cats.

2. Should I give wet or dry food?

They both have their pros and cons. Dry food is better economically and will prevent dental tartar, but a wet diet holds more water and will be more suitable for cats that have urinary troubles.

Wet diets also provide more moisture and hydration for healthier digestion.

3. How do I switch cat foods?

Changing your cat’s diet may require some adaptation. Initially introduce small amounts of the new food with their current diet and continuously keep increasing the amount.

By seven days, your cat should adjust to the new food.

4. Do cats need meat?

Absolutely! Cats can’t survive on a vegetarian diet. They’re carnivores creatures, and they require meat by nature. Keeping them on a vegetarian will lead to health complications.

5. How frequently should I feed my cat?

There’s no single answer for this. It all depends on your cat’s health, requirements, and activity level. Generally, two to four times a day should be sufficient.

6. Can I feed my kittens adult food?

Generally, adult cat food is much harder to chew and more dense as compared to kitten food. It’s better to look for cat food specifically aimed at kittens. It’s much easier to eat and digest for them.

Kitten food also contains ingredients that are specially targeted towards a healthier body development.

Best Brands

Here’s a little about our favorite cat food brands.

Rachel Ray’s Nutrish

Nutrish is a premium pet food brand that’s made from high-quality ingredients. They have a loyal customer base and years of experience in the pet food industry.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin concentrates on providing healthy food for cats and dogs and has fifty years of experience.

They manufacture premium pet products and supplies worldwide. They were also the first brand to produce dry food in France


This company provides pet foods rich in proteins and made under the strictest standards. Founded in 2005, they’re also BRC approved.

Weruva focuses on producing products with high protein, hydration, and palatability.

Whole Earth Farms

All ingredients at Whole Earth Farms are all-natural and cooked in the USA. Their pet food options are widely popular for their digestibility and flavor.

Their primary focus is on using high-quality natural ingredients for a healthy and balanced pet diet.

Castor & Pollux

They’re one of the best American manufacturers of organic pet food and has a huge catalog of pet foods.

Their organic recipes are the only complete line to be certified USDA organic.

Ziwi Peak

This New Zealand based pet food brand is known for winning many industry awards and provided nutrition rich diets for both cats and dogs.

They have a policy of ethically sourcing 100% of their meat from New Zealand through very strict government regulations.


There’s nothing you can do to make your cat’s poop smell good, but giving them a good diet can help reduce the issue.

My top choice is Rachel Ray’s Nutrish. It’s all-around pet food that every cat will love. It provides all the necessary ingredients for your cats and contains zero fillers or preservatives. I haven’t found any major cons with this product.

It’s also very delicious, which will make your cat want to eat more. This item not only reduces the chances of bad odor but also promotes the overall health of your cat.

Alternatively, Purina One (Tender Selects Blend) is our favorite pick if you’re on a budget. It is an excellent choice that contains fruits and veggies along with high protein levels. The kibbles in Purina One are also much easier to chew in comparison to Rachel Ray’s Nutrish.

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