Best Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies

It can be heartbreaking when you see your precious cat dealing with allergy symptoms. You want the best for your cat and when you can see they’re uncomfortable, it can be difficult. Unfortunately, a lot of cats are quite sensitive to cat litter which can result in an allergic reaction. This can definitely be frustrating and overwhelming when it comes to choosing litter for cats with allergies.

In this post, we’ll break down everything from what symptoms your cat may have if they have allergies to what are the best litters for cats with allergies.

Hypoallergenic Cat Litter for Cat with Allergies

All cats are all different and some cats are allergic to certain items while others are completely fine with them. Cat litter is one of those items that can cause some cats to have an allergic reaction. The most common causes of a cat allergy are dust and smell, both things that can result from certain types of cat litter.


The most common allergies in cats come from items like litters that have a scent, dusty cat litter, and outside natural aspects like pollen and grass. Your cat’s immune system will try to expunge these allergens and if an overreaction happens, their results in the form of allergies.

As you know, allergies can be extremely annoying and can happen at a moment’s notice.
It should also be noted that your cat can develop allergies over time and something that may have been totally fine with them as a kitten, now produces an allergy reaction as they’ve gotten older. This is why it’s important to do your research and truly find the best cat litter for allergies.

Symptoms that Your Cat Has Allergies

Since your cat may develop allergies over time, it’s always important to pay attention and keep a note of any changes.

Some common systems of cat allergies include:

● Your cat is starting to avoid its litter box
● Your cat seems uncomfortable in its litter box
● Having a swollen face due to scratching
● Scratching consistently
● Chewing on paws
Sneezing and coughing
● Snoring while sleeping
● Frequent vomiting
● Diarrhea
● Cat acne in the forms of pimples and or cysts.

When suffering from an allergic reaction, your cat may have one of these symptoms or may have all of them. Every cat is different and so are their allergic reactions and for things like sneezing, there are many different reasons a cat may be sneezing. It’s important if you’re noticing these symptoms present in your cat to consult with your vet. If not treated, your cat’s health can suffer enormously.

This is why it’s important that if your cat has suffered from allergies to search for specific cat litter for allergies to ensure that your cat will be comfortable.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Cat Litter for Cats with Allergies

When looking to solve your cat litter solution for your cat with allergies, it should be noted that a very simple solution for most cats is simply just clean out the litter box very regularly. When constant cleaning, there should be less mold, dust, and other allergens present along with other harmful chemicals.

However, if your cat is suffering from allergies, it’s safest just to look for cat litter for allergies specifically.

Dust-Free Cat Litter

Specific types of cat litter, like clay cat litter, produce a lot of dust and should be avoided. When using clay cat litter, when your cat moves around, the litter can kick up a lot of dust and get into the lungs of your cat.

Cat Litter Scent

Just like the dust, simple fragrances that are designed to mask the smell of the litter box or even eliminate odors can often be uncomfortable for cats. Since scents are not made from natural sources, the chemicals used to create these fragrances can cause allergies and respiratory problems for your cat. The most common reactions include fur loss, itching, and inflammation.


Clumping Litter

Some say that using clumping cat litter is an ideal litter for cats with allergies. Since clumping molds, the litter together and almost collects it in a way, it absorbs any moisture, dust, and chemicals present and clumps it so it’s out of the air and reducing chances for reactions.

Best Cat Litters for Cats with Allergies

3. Okocat Natural Paper, Dust Free Cat Litter


Okocat Natural Paper, Dust Free Cat Litter

Okocat has some great alternatives when it comes to cat litter. They have a great wood pellet cat litter which is one of our favorites and now a natural paper cat litter that is completely dust-free and is an absolutely great litter for cats with allergies.

Since this cat litter for cats with allergies is made of 100% paper, it is extremely absorbent and can actually absorb nearly 200% of its weight. This means that the litter goes a long way and will last a lot longer in the litter box.

You would expect that with a paper litter it would be non-clumping. Okocat thought ahead and knew that majority of cat owners prefer clumping litter due to the easy cleanup. This paper cat litter has been specifically designed to retain its strong clumping ability with being firm on the outside and soft on the inside.

With the absorption level and odor control, you can go a week or more without changing the litter box. Typically, it can take longer than a week for the smell to even starts to escape the litter box area.

Can Absorb 200% of Weight 

2. Dr. Elsey’s Relief Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Relief Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey has a variety of different cat litters for a range of different cats such as seniors, kittens in training, and of course, litters for cats with allergies. The great thing about this specific cat litter for cats with allergies is that it still has the traditional clumping clay cat litter that makes for easy clean up without all the additional scents, chemicals, or other smells that can trigger allergic reactions for you and your cat.

This clay/silicon-based cat litter has high absorption properties that lock in moisture and prevents from making any sort of mess. It’s clumping which means it makes for great, easy cleanup and has an overall low dust production and also suitable for self-cleaning litter boxes like ones from Omega Paw or Nature’s Market.

Pros Cons
BiodegradableTracking Issues
Helps to Reduce Stress 
Low Dust 

1.    CatSpot Clumping Litter

1. CatSpot Clumping Litter
CatSpot litter is a great option when it comes to cat litter and is specifically one of the best litters for cats with allergies. This cat litter is actually made from coconut, which is incredibly unique but works very well. As we mentioned previously, clumping cat litter is discussed as being better for cats with allergies and this coconut clumping litter is completely dust-free, allowing your cat to be comfortable using the litter box. WHat’s also great about this coconut cat litter for allergies is that it impressively captures any moisture in the litter box without becoming wet and almost mushy-like. This is extremely ideal and allows you to constantly keep a nice clean litter box for you and your cat.


Since this litter is lightweight and soft, it makes it extremely comfortable for your cat, but unfortunately, it can also make it extremely easy to track around where the litter box is.


With being made from coconuts, this cat litter is so much better for the environment compared to other alternatives. It’s actually biodegradable which means it’s safe to use in your garden and compost.

Odor Control

CatSpot recommends you change the litter box every 15 days, so it has good odor control. Some customers have found it not as good at eliminating urine smells though.




Some Tracking


Doesn’t Eliminate Urine Smells

No Added Chemicals


100% Made From Coconuts


Absorbs Moisture


Zero Dust




Overall when it comes to finding the right best cat litter for allergies, the process can be a little daunting and also expensive. As we’ve shown above, cat litter for allergies is not only extremely beneficial for your cat, but also for you and with absorption properties and odor control in today’s cat litters for allergies, it’s a lot more justifiable.


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