The 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds That Anyone Can Love

Cats have been branded as aloof and selfish. And as cat lovers, we beg to differ. 


Our feline friends are indeed a bit more unforthcoming than their canine mates. However, cats are descendants of creatures that value their independence. Our canine friends, on the other hand, are more reliant on their humans. They get very excited at the mere whiff of your perfume or upon hearing the sounds of your footsteps.



However, it does not mean that cats are not as endearing and affectionate. To strengthen our argument, we made a list of the friendliest cat breeds that are innately loving and doting. 


Ten of the Friendliest Cat Breeds


This list comprises of cats that can bag the Miss Congeniality award:

  • Scottish Fold
  • Persian Cat
  • Ragdoll
  • Abyssinian
  • Burmese
  • Maine Coon
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Bombay
  • Sphynx
  • Siamese


Scottish Fold

Have you heard of Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey? Yes, these famous kitties are T-Swift’s cuddly babies. These cats have been domesticated for over thousands of years, so it should not be surprising that they are mellow and obedient. They have years of experience! 


Scottish Folds would readily jump on your lap and gaze at you lovingly with their big, round eyes. Their adorable little snouts are distinctively short. Some breeders have released Scottish Folds that possess the “munchkin” genome, resulting in cats that have shortened legs. While the process probably made an already charming cat twice cuter, it is deemed a controversial topic.


Sometimes, these cats act shy when they are not given enough attention. However, they are well-known for their ability to adapt to any situation, making them easy to tag along in any event. These cats are incredible at handling social activities, such as being introduced to new pets, places, or people. 



Persian Cat

These cats look grumpy but don’t be fooled. Although usually portrayed as villains in films, these cats are incredibly loving. And guess what? They are perfect snuggle buddies. Aside from the fact that they are huggable with their thick fur, these cats love to cuddle. 


Persian cats are very relaxed and friendly. They behave like energized kittens, always playful and curious. When they tire out, they will get into your bed, stretch their small furry bodies, and sleep beside you. Expect that when you leave them at home, they will happily welcome you with their loving paws. 


These cats are not like most cats since they are not slaves to routine. They happily embrace changes and welcome new people with ease. 



A very popular breed of cat adored by many. These cats display dog-like behavior, such as eagerness to cuddle. That is the reason why a lot of people refer to them as puppy cats. Some Ragdoll owners claim that their lovely feline companions are even often eager to play a game of fetch. 


These cats got their name, “Ragdoll” because they readily melt into your arms to be cradled like a baby. You just have to be prepared for that everytime because these cats are a bit of a heavy-weight, weighing from 10 to 20 pounds or more. 


Ragdolls have mesmerizing sapphire eyes. But aside from this and their soft coat of fur, ragdolls prefer to sit on the couch than climb up a tall cabinet and stay there. These cats are known to be playful and can blend well in a family that has dogs. They are also children-friendly. 



Ah, the cat that will patiently wait for you every day to get home from work. These cats are incredibly social and opt for a shared life than be independents. So, it will be a lot better for you to get another cat or any other pet to have around if you are not at home a lot. 


Abyssinians are active cats. However, you should not get intimidated by this fact. They are easy cats to have at home as they adore humans and animals alike. Sometimes, these cats may get too caught up with playtime, taking hours to emerge from amusing themselves with their toys. But this does not mean that they are not eager to play with their pet parents. Just don’t expect them to be all cuddles and hugs because that is not their thing.


When you talk to your Abyssinian, she will reply in a soft and soothing voice. Abyssinians appreciate getting pampered. If you have the time, comb your pet’s fur, and watch her sigh with a delightful purr.



These cats are part of a famous legend set in Myanmar, which was previously called Burma. According to the story, the first-ever cat was given bright sky-blue eyes and earth-colored coat by a goddess after she witnessed how the cat protected her master from a couple of bandits. While the story is most likely made-up, the characteristics of the cat in the story ring true for Burmese cats.

These cats are incredibly loyal and are never ones to shy away from expressing their affection to their humans. 


Birmans, as they are also known, make an excellent addition to a household that is home to a lot of pets. She enjoys playing with friends, but she can just be as happy and good-natured as the only family pet, as long as she has the company of her humans.


Maine Coon

The friendliest cat is dubbed the “America’s cat.” They are not exactly cute and dainty, but these large, huggable creatures are very sweet. Even families with really young kids can have this cat at home.


Maine Coons are highly social and crave human interaction. They are playful and loyal. They can form friendships with different animals and are always down for a walk on a leash or to play fetch.


Maine coons can be a little high-maintenance because of their long and silky fur. But instead of thinking of combing her long mane as a chore, consider it a means of bonding between you and your not-so-little kitty.

Exotic Shorthair

These cats look like Persian cats, but they have shorter, more manageable hair. This breed is as sweet and obedient like the Persians, but they are keener to explore. 


These cats have a tendency to be stubborn, but you would appreciate their intelligence as they try to trick you or find ways to get back a toy after you have cleaned up and returned it to its proper place.


These dogs rarely demand attention and would patiently wait for you to notice them, standing in front of the TV, looking at you with their round and charming eyes paired with their fluffy fur. Exotics will have you saying, “awwww” all the time.



Firm believers of superstitions are wary of this cat. As you may already have heard, it is considered bad luck to come across a black cat on your way to your destination. But, Bombay cats should not be feared upon. 


Their remarkable dark coats are shiny and captivating. It is sure to keep you magnetized when they slowly approach and start brushing against your leg. They want to be noticed and petted. The best part is that when you give in, you will be rewarded with relaxing cuddles.


Bombay cats are affectionate. They can adapt to any lifestyle or environment and can remain calm in any household setting. A Bombay cat would not want mind coexisting with other pets, but he will definitely demand to get the best possible treatment. Bombays are very smart, so teaching them tricks will bear fruition.



These hairless cats are quite memorable. Aside from their distinct look, these cats are adorable and charming. Sphynx cats are great performers, and they can wow you with their antics. Their high energy is contagious, so you can’t help but fall in with these felines. 


These cats are absolutely loyal to the point where they will always try to participate and include themselves with whatever activity you are doing. They love relaxing on your lap or resting on your shoulder.


Probably the most talkative of the bunch, these cats will always attempt to strike a conversation with you. They love expressing themselves and what they wish to get from you. Don’t think for a second that they are demanding. Most of the time, these cats only desire attention and love. These cats can pass off man’s best friend because they can form strong bonds with their humans.


So, there you have it, ten cat breeds that are guaranteed loyal, loving, and lovable. If you are deciding to get a cat for a pet, then you will never regret choosing from the list above. And for those who own a cat that is not on the list, don’t you worry! Here are a couple of tips on how to make your cat a little more affectionate.

How To Make Your Cat Friendlier

  1. Cover her necessities. One of the ways to sway your cat to be more endearing is to show her your positive intentions. Give her food and water whenever she needs them. Make sure that you supply with a healthy dose of nutritious supplements and mouth-watering treats.
  2. Show some love during feeding time. Talk to your cat while you are preparing her food. Once she digs in, stroke her back several times.
  3. Play with your kitty. Do not force cuddle time on your feline friend. Play with her first by getting her to chase around a piece of yarn.
  4. Slowly blink your eyes at your cat. Instead of staring at your cat dead in the eye, slowly bat your lashes at her. This little action counts as a way of saying you love her.


Generally, the ten cats listed above have friendly temperaments, but it would not be impossible to meet a quiet Siamese or a snobbish Maine Coon. Bear in mind that cats are different. Each breed has individual characteristics that make them stand out. 

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