The Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters

Cat litters are pretty necessary if you own a cat. However, one of the main complaints when it comes to cat litters is the tracking of litter all over the house. Some cat litters are better than others, especially when it comes to tracking.

We went out and truly found what properties make cat litters that don’t track and what companies make the best non-tracking cat litters on the market today.

What Causes Litter Tracking?

Litter tracking can be so tedious and annoying. Having litter throughout your whole home is definitely not ideal. So, what makes tracking happen? A variety of factors can actually lead to litter tracking.

  • Paw Size
  • Cat Temperament
  • If Your Cat is a “Digger”
  • Granule Size

How to Stop Litter Tracking

There are a variety of different approaches when it comes to litter box tracking and how to get it to stop. If your cat is a ‘digger’ and likes to dig around in the litter box, it’s more of a habit that needs to be stopped. This can be a lot more difficult and require some training. However, if the tracking throughout the house typically just comes down to paw size and granule size of the litter, opting for a non-tracking cat litter should do the trick.

Another way you can stop tracking is to incorporate more frequent cleaning of the litter box into the routine. The more often you scoop out your litter box, the less likely there will be tracking throughout your home. Cats prefer to stay clean so when they’re litter box is messy, they’re more

What Are Non-Tracking Cat Litters?

Non-tracking cat litters are just like any other traditional cat litter, except for the fact that they are specifically designed to reduce the tracking of litter all throughout your house. There are non-tracking cat litters for just about every type of litter out there. From clay to wood pellet cat litter, there are tons of cat litters specially made to reduce litter messes throughout your house.

Sounds pretty great right?

Things to Consider When Purchasing Non-Tracking Cat Litters

There are a few factors you should always consider when purchasing new cat litter and purchasing non-tracking cat litter is no different. A lot of factors simply come down to preference like do you prefer a litter that doesn’t track to be biodegradable and eco-friendly or is that not as important to you? Clumping or non-clumping? All these factors you should take into consideration when purchasing a new litter.

Clumping Capabilities

Some cat owners love having cat litter that clumps, while others it’s not as important to them. Clumping cat litter is extremely popular and sought out due to its easy clean-up and better odor control. There is clumping non-tracking cat litter that is eco-friendly and some that aren’t so it’s important to do your research with what’s important to you.

Odor Control

As mentioned above, clumping cat litters tend to have better odor control than non-clumping cat litters. However, there are also specific, non-clumping cat litters specifically designed for odor control as well.

Odor control unscented cat litters have gotten more popular over the years due to avoiding any cat allergies or unwanted artificial smells that sometimes smell worse than the actual litter box. If you’re sensitive to smells, odor control is definitely something you want to look into when finding cat litter that’s non-tracking.

Cat’s Preference

No matter if you think you’ve found the perfect cat litter or not, your cat will truly be the judge of that. Some cats don’t like certain litter textures, materials, or scents and you don’t want them boycotting their litter box and end up going to the bathroom elsewhere, like your bed. So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your cat’s preference when choosing a non-tracking cat litter.

Best Non-Tracking Cat Litters

4. Feline Pine Cat Litter

This Feline Pine Wood Pellet Cat Litter has a bunch of great additions like baking soda to help block out any scent but leaves out all the bad stuff with being chemical-free. It’s a highly absorbent wood pellet cat litter made from pine wood that is recycled. The company notes that no new trees are actually cut down to make any Feline Pine products giving you the peace of mind you’re not making a negative impact. Along with being eco-friendly, it’s a great cat litter that is advertised as ‘no dust and no tracking.’

However, we have found with this cat litter although it’s pretty good when it comes to non-tracking, we do find that it does track a little bit, but normally just around the litter box vicinity.

Pros Cons
100% Natural PineSome Tracking
Pine Scent 

3. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Clumping Litter

Dr. Elsey has a variety of different cat litters for a range of different cats such as seniors, kittens in training, and of course, non-tracking cat litters.

This product has outstanding reviews on Amazon from thousands of cat owners. It’s a strong cat litter that is ideal if you have multiple cats in your house and using the same litter box. It’s a clay litter that doesn’t have any artificial scents, so it does still have that slight natural clay smell. That being said, the scent is so light, it shouldn’t cause any issues if your cat has allergies.

The clumping action in this cat litter is exceptional. It locks in the scents into strong clumps that make it extremely easy to remove. However, we have found that if you let the clumps sit for too long, they can result in being more difficult to remove.

The best part of the non-tracking cat litter is that it’s 99.9% dust-free. This is perfect when it comes to cats with allergies, but especially when it comes to tracking. It’s overall a good non-tracking cat litter, but as with most clay litters, you should expect that there will still be a little bit of tracking expected around the litter box.



Great Clumping

Some Tracking


Constant Cleaning Required

Odor Control


99.9% Dust-Free



2. Purina Yesterday’s News Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Purina is a popular brand when it comes to cat food and especially cat litter. They have a variety of different types of cat litter and one of their newer additions is this unscented pellet cat litter that is actually made from old newspapers, hence the name Yesterdays’ News. It’s a fun and creative way to reduce, reuse, and recycle items like newspapers.

As you would probably think with newspapers, it’s incredibly absorbent and lasts a lot longer than other types of cat litter. It’s also unscented but helps to block all those unwanted scents. With being made from paper and the tiny particles, this cat litter is specifically made for reducing tracking.




Extremely Absorbent

Some Tracking



Odor Control




1. Naturally Fresh 100% Walnut Non-Tracking Cat Litter

This non-tracking cat litter is very unique with the fact that it’s comprised of 100% walnut shells. It’s 100% natural and amazingly has one of the best odor control properties out there. It retains moisture really well as well making it an overall great cat litter, especially when it comes to cat litters that don’t track.

This Naturally Fresh Non-Tracking Cat Litter is also great when it comes to producing clumps. With being extremely absorbent, this non-tracking litter efficiently removes any odors and forms strong clumps that make cleanup extremely easy.

Another great aspect of this cat litter is that it’s completely dust-free. This cat litter is completely hypoallergenic which is great if you or your cat has allergies. With being dust-free and the lightness of the litter, it doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws, therefore reducing any tracking throughout the house.




More Expensive Than Alternatives

Amazing at Odor Control


Zero Dust


Exceptional at Reducing Tracking



The great thing about non-tracking cat litter, other than the fact that it helps to reduce tracking, is that there is specifically designed non-tracking cat litter for just about any type of cat litter on the market. This means if you’re looking for cat litter that’s great for allergies or eco-friendly cat litter or even wood pellet cat litter, you can find a non-tracking cat litter for any type of litter.

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