Why Does My Cat Stare At Me? [9 Possible Reasons]

They say “The eyes are the mirrors of the soul”, however, when it comes to cats, we wish it was that simple!

Your feline furball can give you the most confusing poker-face looks of your life, sometimes it can be downright creepy!

You know what I’m talking about, walking up to find your cat staring at you through the night, or working while it stalks you from across the room watching your every move!

Why do cats stare? And why does my cat stare at me?


Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

  • Your cat is happy
  • Your cat is scared
  • Your cat is angry
  • Your cat is stressed
  • Your cat is curious
  • Your cat is bored
  • Your cat is threatened
  • Your cat is seeking comfort
  • Your cat wants food

Your Cat Is Happy

Before you assume your cat is devising a master plan to murder you, consider observing its posture before jumping into conclusions. You can actually tell a lot from your cat’s stance when staring at you, it may just be happy to see you and wants you to know it!

If your cat adopts a relaxed stand with its tail pointing down while staring at you from somewhat close proximity, then it’s probably an invitation for you to spend some time together as your cat is in a good mood.

Your Cat Is Scared

Again, don’t be quick to think of your cat’s ill intentions, it may be staring at you because it’s actually frightened.

Yes, your feisty feline pet that seems to be fearless most of the time could lose its gusto and feel scared at certain occasions.

It could be a sudden movement you did such as jumping to cheer your favorite team’s goal, dropping something on the floor, or raising your voice out of the blue. Your cat may have also heard a loud noise outside and got spooked.

Cute grey cat lying in bed under a blanket. Fluffy pet comfortably settled to sleep. Cozy home background with funny pet.

You’ll know your pet is scared if while staring at you, your cat is crouching down with its tail tucked between its legs. It may also be looking at you from behind a piece of furniture further indicating fear.

When my cat is scared, her eyes get very large. I don’t know if all cats do that, but you can keep an eye out for it and let me know in the comments 😉

Your Cat Is Angry

As the majority of cat owners suspect, your feline pet may indeed be angry. Such a stare comes from a completely different place than the ” happy” look, and so, you’ll notice a contrasting posture.

An angry cat is one that’s ready to attack, this translates into obvious signs of aggression through its body language such as a stiff body, a standing tail swaying from side to side, dilated pupils, as well as perked up ears.

If your pet is staring at you while being upset, you need to avoid challenging it via direct eye contact. Instead, keep your distance and try to distract it with a toy or by throwing a small object across the room.


Your Cat Is Stressed

Another reason your cat may be relentlessly staring at you is stressful or upsetting situations, especially if the staring goes on for a long time.

There’s quite a wide array of times that could cause your cat an unsettling state including excessively loud noises, changes in its meal routine, a new animal addition to the family, or even the absence of a fellow pet.

These disturbances could leave your cat anxious so it’ll look at you for support.

Your Cat Is Curious

Owning up to their notorious reputation of being curious animals, your fluff ball could be staring at you for that exact reason. Sure, the look may seem hostile and all, but in reality, your cat is just too fascinated with whatever you’re doing that it literally can’t take its eyes off of you!

An activity so normal or boring to you, like working or doing the bills, could be the most interesting thing in the world for your cat, so it’ll keep on staring.

Felines are natural hunters, so with their sharp senses, it makes sense for them to notice if you’re demonstrating an unusual behavior which is yet another reason for them to stare at you out of sheer curiosity.

Domestic black and white cat with beautiful yellow eyes and pink nose kneading on a pink blanket. European shorthair mixed breed

In this particular case, your cat’s gaze won’t be necessarily fixed upon your eyes, it may include your body as well as what you got in your hands.

Your Cat Is Bored

Just like you, your cat also gets bored, and rather easily might I add. With the lack of anything interesting enough to capture its attention, your pet may turn to you for some sort of entertainment.

Don’t feel too hurt that you’re the “amusement” for your cat. We all are.

Additionally, you don’t even have to play with your cat, just casually continue your current activity and it’ll do.

Your Cat Is Threatened

Intense staring is a cat’s go-to strategy whenever a threat is introduced, be it an unfamiliar human or another cat. Of course, some cats will step aside to convey their desire in avoiding conflict, but most felines are pretty territorial and have no problems making it known.

If a cat feels threatened, it’ll most probably assume a fight or flight attitude through an intimidating stare with dilated pupils as well as warning hisses and sounds.


This is usually meant for strangers or rival cats, so if your pet cat directs such a gaze upon you, chances are your relationship is still fresh since the cat doesn’t quite trust you yet. If that’s the case, avoid staring back and try to blink repeatedly while tilting your head from side to side, letting your cat know you’re trustworthy and coming in peace.

Your Cat Wants Food

Yes, that simple. It’s very common for cats to stare their owners when their bellies demand to be fed as felines are highly observant animals. Your cat has probably picked up on a pattern where staring, pleadingly or not, manages to melt your heart, earning it food or treats as a result.

Wrap Up

When it comes to your beloved cat, staring is basically a means of communication that you just need to translate. Hopefully, our article was able to help you in that department so you can better understand your pet.

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